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I fall asleep quickly and easily.

I look forward to a good night of sleep each and every night. I have a smile on my face when it is time to go to bed. I know that I am going to enjoy a great night of sleep.

While other people might struggle to sleep well, I find the process to be easy and pleasant.

I partake in relaxing, evening rituals that support a good night’s rest. I avoid screens for an hour before bed. I take a warm, relaxing bath. And I ensure that my bedroom is dark and quiet.

I fall asleep in a short time after I close my eyes. Falling asleep is so natural and easy for me. Once I fall asleep, I stay asleep until it is time to get up. I sleep like a baby every night.

I have pleasant dreams. My sleep is peaceful and uninterrupted. I have positive dreams and often find solutions to life’s challenges in my sleep. Everything about my sleeping experience is positive. I sleep better than anyone I know.

I wake up feeling full of energy and refreshed. I look forward to getting up each morning because I have so much energy. I feel great when I first open my eyes.

I know that I am going to have an amazing day after having such a great night of sleep.

Today, I express gratitude for another amazing night of sleep. I look forward to a great night of sleep ahead of me. My energy and mood are through the roof. I fall asleep quickly and easily.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How well do I currently sleep? How would I rate my sleep?

2. What can I do to get a better night of sleep? How can I improve my sleeping environment?

3. What impact would better sleep have on my life?

6 Drinks to Replace Your Morning Coffee and Still Boost Energy

Coffee is the go-to drink for anyone in search of an energy boost. Most of us start our mornings with coffee and use it to maintain our focus throughout the day.

According to studies, more than 50% of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee every day.

Though the occasional cup of java isn’t going to do any damage to your health, you might decide that it’s time to cut down if you simply can’t function without a latte.


Too much caffeine can also lead to jitters, dehydration, headaches, and even trouble sleeping. The more you rely on your coffee fix, the worse the symptoms can get.

The good news? Coffee isn’t the only drink that gives you an energy boost!

Try these great drinks to replace your morning coffee:

1. Matcha Tea. Matcha Tea is a delicious drink made from green powder. When young tea leaves are ground down, the resulting paste or powder is Matcha. This product is very popular throughout the Eastern world, and it’s a fantastic coffee alternative.

2. Yerba Mate tea. Another tea alternative to your coffee fix, Yerba Mate is a South American drink created from the twigs and leaves of the Yerba Mate plant. A drink made from twigs might not sound appealing, but it’s actually quite delicious, and it contains the same caffeine as your coffee.

3. Green tea. Green tea comes in a huge selection of flavors and styles. People around the world love green tea for its wide selection of health benefits. The substance also offers a great alternative to coffee if you’re looking for a healthy energy boost.

4. Smoothies. Smoothies are a delicious way to start the day if you’re looking for an alternative to your standard breakfast. You can pack your home-made smoothies full of virtually any ingredient you like.

5. Kombucha. For those in search of a healthy alternative to coffee, this delightful substance uses tea as a fermentation medium. This means that you get the benefits of L-theanine alongside a natural caffeine boost whenever you take a drink.

6. Water. Keep it simple with a tall glass of H2O. Water might not seem like the most exciting way to start your day, but a lack of hydration can cause feelings of exhaustion and issues with cognition. You might find that your brain is fuzzy because you haven’t had enough water yet.

Healthy foods are my fuel.

I believe in the power of nutrition. 

I eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I include them in my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They give me vitamins and fiber.

I switch to healthy fats. I use more olive oil and less butter. I eat more fish and less red meat. 

I limit added sugar and salt. I sweeten my coffee with cinnamon. I use date syrup or applesauce when I bake. I taste my food before I reach for the saltshaker. I experiment with other spices and seasonings.

I plan my meals and snacks. Deciding what to eat in advance cuts down on temptation. 

I cook at home. Preparing my own food gives me more control over the ingredients. I save money too.

I read labels. I turn the cereal box over to see how much whole grains and added sugar it really contains. I confirm whether the contents live up to the wholesome name.

I choose anti-inflammatory foods. Beans and nuts lower my risk for certain medical conditions and help me to manage symptoms I already have.

I develop a diet that I can stick with long-term. I am flexible and creative. Simple habits, like focusing on whole foods and watching portion sizes, let me enjoy eating while I watch my weight.

Today, I give my body foods that taste great and keep me strong and fit. My diet is part of a healthy lifestyle that helps me to live longer and stay active.

Self-Reflection Questions:


1. How can my diet help me to manage chronic conditions?

2. Where can I find ideas for desserts that are low in sugar and calories?

3. What is one new healthy recipe I want to try?

I patiently allow my body to heal and transform with ease.

My body is amazing, but it works on its own timetable. I know that my body takes time to respond to any changes I make.

When I change my diet, it might take weeks or months to see all the benefits come to fruition. My body needs time to lose weight and become healthier. 

Exercise also requires time to work its magic. My body readily responds to exercise, but I know that I must be patient to see the full results.

My body is wonderful at healing itself. My body heals itself with great ease. I am patient in allowing all of this to happen in the appropriate amount of time. I am a patient person. 

I also know that my body is brilliant. It always takes the perfect amount of time to transform itself. I trust my body to do what needs to be done in whatever amount of time it requires.

I am in awe of my body.

Today, I am being patient with my body. I am allowing any changes in my body to take place at the appropriate time. My body is healing itself every minute of the day.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What changes would I like to make to my body? How can I be more patient and allow those changes to occur?

2. What parts of my body need to be healed? How can I help that process?

3. Do I get enough sleep and eat well enough to reasonably expect my body to be at its best? What could I be doing better?

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